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The glowing tops of a thunderstorm observed from Ballina, NSW

My first proper attempt at lightning photography. This was taken at Shelly Beach, East Ballina, NSW on the 2nd December 1988. My father and I decided to view lightning out to sea and I just brought along the camera and tripod for an experiment. Getting some bolts on the first go is probably the motivation for most photographers to get the lightning bug for life.

Lismore Speedway night, Boxing Day 1989. It was about 9pm and flashes were starting to light the sky to the south-west and I was getting edgy. As the storm approached my concentration on the racing faded - I couldn't wait to get out of there and set up the camera. Unfortunately, the group I was with decided to go and view the lightning before I could get my camera. By the time I could set up, there was only sheet lightning around.

The last fading part of a lightning flash is captured during the late afternoon, southeast of Coogee, NSW. The shutter was pressed after I saw the lightning flash.

Afternoon lightning from a severe thunderstorm in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Lightning became very close and frequent as the storm passed to the south and overhead. Flashes were long lasting, and I was able to capture two bolts by reacting quickly.

Background lightning behind the Three Sisters rock formation at Katoomba, NSW

A storm to the distant south of Coogee, NSW, shortly before the development of an intense low pressure system.

A spectacular bolt hits to the south of Coogee, NSW. Lens: 35mm, Exposure: F4, Duration: 1 minute

A very electrically active (but mostly dry) series of storms passed over Ballina, NSW during the late afternoon and evening. The first three images were taken with the camera set to automatic exposure time. As far as I can remember, all were taken with a 35mm lens.

A slow moving line of multicellular storms persisted during the afternoon and evening to the northwest of Ballina, NSW 27th December 1992

An isolated very weak cumulonimbus to the west of Ballina, NSW 28th December 1992 gave one or two bolts of lightning - just enough to illuminate the cloud after sunset.

I took three pictures during this storm at about 9.30pm in my backyard. All shots are single flashes of lightning. The explosion of lightning is one of my favourites - luckily I had the camera pointing in the right direction, and reacted quickly !! Oakhurst, NSW Lens: 50mm, Exposure: F1.8, Duration: 1 min; 1 min; 30 secs

The last fading part of a lightning bolt is captured out the front of my home at Oakhurst, NSW

A late afternoon thunderstorm swept in from the Blue Mountains with 2cm hail and damaging winds. Lightning was frequently observed. Riverstone, NSW Lens: 35mm, Exposure: F4, Duration: 1/60th

Severe storms were a feature of this day, with large hail and damaging winds occurring at various locations and times during the afternoon and evening. These pictures was taken in my backyard from 10pm of a storm cell to the northwest.