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Some weak storms over the Border Ranges to the northwest of home provided some photo opportunities though getting the exposures right proved difficult with random very bright bolts of lightning intermixed with mostly dull flashes. These taken on 30th May 2011

Some very colourful storm clouds around sunset produced some lightning to the northeast of home on 31 May 2011. The rest of the non-lightning weather photos taken on this day can be viewed here.

Weather patterns became interesting again from the beginning of August. Several thunderstorms developed during the afternoon and evening of 11th August 2011. A severe hailstorm had just passed to the south of home early evening. Its lightning was infrequent but still fired off this powerful display (first photo) out the front of home. After this Jason Paterson and I went to Ballina to photograph the lightning out to sea. It was cold and the rain persisted but still we managed a few decent lightning photos. Other storm photos for this day can be viewed here.

Another cold season thunderstorm day. The first few shots were taken using the lightning trigger from Parrots Nest south of Lismore. Later shots were taken from home of the storms receding to the northeast.