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Offshore winter thunderstorm observed from McLeans Ridges, NSW

A couple of weak high-based storms managed to produce some lightning on 30th August 2012.

Amazing that this line of "storms" produced any lightning at all - the bases were mainly virga and tops very low - but it still produced! Pics from Wyrallah, NSW.

Lightning chase to the Harwood / Maclean area during thre evening of 18th September 2012.

Captured a nice daytime CG from a weak storm out the front of home on 21st September 2012.

Fairly distant lightning observed from McLeans Ridges on 21 October 2012. The storm was over the northern part of the Richmond Range.

Storm chase to the Clarence Valley on 14 November 2012 after the day started off with a partial solar eclipse. These photos from Grafton, Lawrence and Maclean lookout. Spot the bats in a couple of the pics. All eclipse and chase pics here