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Storm chase to the QLD Darling Downs region on 10 January 2013. After a stong storm went up early near Warwrick we had to wait some hours and move west to Millmerran before this beautiful show developed. A huge shlef cloud then raced eastwards across the district, which can be seen in this gallery of photos.

A pretty quiet February for storms with a chase to the Northern Tablelands resulting in some fairly weak cells near Guyra. The skies were still interesting which you can see in this gallery of photos.

Some weak thunderstorm development on the Border Ranges during the afternoon and evening of 3 April 2013.

A few days into USA Tornado Alley Chasing 2013 brought us to Grandfield, Oklahoma, USA where an outbreak of supercells occurred. The "Tail End Charlie" thunderstorm had a tornado though we were not in a position to see it. 17 April ended with this lightning show. All chase pics here.