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Lightning Photographs - Gallery 95

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Storm season 2015/16 kicked off on 11 July with these shots taken from home.

Storm chase to Casino, NSW on 24 August 2015. Quite a nice display of lightning for a winter storm.

Some lightning offshore on 8 September after some earlier storms passed over. All chase pics here

Sunset lightning at Wyrallah, NSW then a few others shots from home at McLeans Ridges on 16 September 2015.

Another early season storm chase though the activity was fairly weak. The first crazy shot was at Wyrallah, NSW - and that's what happens sometimes if the lens has vibration reduction on when he camera is on a tripod. Other shots at home. All chase pics here

Some lightning across the border ranges taken from home on 12 October.

A few daytime bolts at McLeans Ridges and Bexhill, NSW

Great storm chase on 22 October with some powerful lightning in the mix. These taken near Casino, NSW. All chase pics here