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The 3 December 2008 produced one of the most awesome displays of lightning I've observed from one storm cell at sunset. It topped off a very active afternoon where five thunderstorms passed close by. The power and frequency of the staccato CGs was extraordinary. Although only a few were captured on camera, at least 80 were caught of HD video during a 20 min period. The lightning did get very, very close to home before very heavy rain and gusty winds hit. The latter shots are after the storm was receding to the east.

Most thunderstorm activity on this day was in SE QLD. However some small cells developed locally late in the afternoon - the first two shots were taken of one of those. The other shots were from a storm moving east across the Border Ranges towards the Gold Coast.

The 10 December 2008 produced two spectacular supercell thunderstorms in the Northern Rivers district of NSW. I chased the northern cell which passed between Casino and Lismore with large hail and amazing structure. The earlier storm which developed south of Grafton continued up the coast and allowed for these photographs.

The 18 December 2008 had widespread thunderstorm activity. Large hail was reported at Kyogle before a squall line moved in during the evening. These two pics were taken from home after the chase.