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A large severe storm developed near Kyogle in Nothern NSW and moved NE to the Gold Coast where very heavy rain occurred. I took these pictures of the storm as it was about 60km NNW of my place from 10.45pm. All were taken at F1.8 with a 50mm lens and exposure times of 4 minutes, 1 min, 5 mins, 3 mins and 6 minutes. [more information about this storm]

An earlier storm with awesome shelf cloud formation had passed through 2 hours before this storm approached my place at McLeans Ridges. This second storm also had a nice shelf cloud with plenty of CGs occurring just behind the leading edge. These pictures were taken from 7.25pm at F2.8 and exposure times about 30 seconds each. [more information about this storm]

The next day also produced plenty of thunderstorm action in NE NSW. A severe storm with winds gusts over 60 knots smashed into our place just after 7pm. The show afterwards was amazing, with lightning for about 8 hours as more and more cells developed. These images were taken with the camera mostly set to F4 and varying exposures. There was too much going on to record all the details. See also photos page 09 for more action this night. [more information about this storm]