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These pictures were taken just before 1am as yet another cell moved through from the NW to the E out the front of my place at McLeans Ridges, NSW (refer to photos page 08 for shots earlier in the evening). There are normally some house lights showing on the hill the bolts are hitting, but the area was blacked out. These were all taken with the camera set to F4 and most exposure times about 1 minute.

After a great day of storm chasing a storm cell developed just along the caost south of Byron Bay and east of my place at McLeans Ridges, NSW. These were taken from 11.40pm mostly at F1.8 and 1 or 2 minute exposure times. [more information about this storm]

Another great day of storm chasing with a funnel cloud observed gave way to some evening lightning. These were taken at 8.45pm at F1.8 but it was a little too far away. The last photo in this sequence was taken by my wife Alison. [more information about this storm]

A daytime lightning shot as a severe storm approached then passed to the west of Lismore. Taken from McLeans Riges, NSW while facing south. F4 1/125th second. The second image was taken with the camera set to F22, 30 second exposure and auto aperture - and captures some anvil lightning along the top of the photo.

A distant storm to the northwest of McLeans Ridges on 12th December 2000. Exposures are F1.8 50mm lens for 2 minutes, and 8 minutes for the second photo.