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Lots of lightning around this evening, but difficult to pinpoint as it was all over the place and the rain interferred. Both taken at F4.

Very lightning active storms moved in early evening after bushfire smoke enveloped the region. Earlier, spectacular pyro-cumulonimbus developed over the fire south of Evans Head. These photos were taken from 8.30pm on 22nd Dedcember 2001. All F4 and fairly short exposure times.

After a succesful hailstorm chase earlier in the afternoon, more storms developed and moved across the North Coast. These were taken from 7.30pm facing northwest from my home at Mcleans Ridges. All are F4. Quite a lot of in-cloud lightning made the photographss quite bright.

A hot humid day preceeded low precipitation thunderstorms during the evening. These pictures were taken facing generally south from Tregeagle in the Northern Rivers district. All were taken at F4 with a 50mm lens. More images are here.

Hot and humid with weak thunderstorm development during the afternoon, and shortly after sunset locally. F4 50mm lens.