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After the extraordinary Casino HP supercell chase, I returned home to continued storm development to the north. These shots were taken with the camera on auto exposure time, F4 and 50mm lens. The last 2 in the above sequence were taken facing SW as another line of storms passed through an hour later.

An offshore thunderstorm observed in late March 2001. Storms has persisted in the same general area all afternoon.

Some lightning to the east as storm cells moved down the coast from Queensland. Unknown camera settings.

A weak storm cell moves northeast along the North Coast during the early evening. F1.8, 2 minute exposures.

A weak cell developed over the Ballina area during the early evening. All F1.8, not sure of the exposure times.

A line of severe storms moved across the Far North Coast from the WNW with small hail. Quite a lot of CGs occurred, but became infrequent as the storms got closer. I did not note the exposure settings.

A storm persisted just offshore late in the evening. A full moon affected the lightning photography opportunities, making it quite hard to expose the shots correctly. These were taken at F5.6 and about 1 minute.

Fairly weak thunderstorms developed over the NSW North Coast on Friday 19th October 2001. The lightning was very infrequent, but I managed to capture practically all the CG bolts that occurred. All are F4 with exposure times from 1 minute to about 5 minutes - star trails are quite obvious. The cells persisted just offshore and spawned several waterspouts and funnels along the southern Queensland coast the next morning.

Late evening storms moved up from the SW along the coast south from Ballina. These shots were taken from Alstonville. Unfortunately, some other cloud got in the way, but the colours and stars show up nicely. All F1.8 and about 1 min expsore time.

These shots were taken from Lismore facing west as an extensive line of severe storms approached over the Great Dividing Range. The images were all taken with F4, 50mm lens and various times. The storms weakened before arriving at coastal locations.